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January 7, 2015
by Fred
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Fred & Skunk, Is There A Difference?

Fred and Skunk are brothers. The oldest; Skunk (who’s real name can be found by reading the S.S.S. Chronicles), middle; Fred and youngest; their sister Felisity. Fred, is the inventor at Heartwood Collective. Skunk, is the head of S.S. (Skunk-Spies). And Felisity is an agent at S.S., as well as the owner of R7Software Industries. And I know it can get confusing but Skunk Workshop is actually run by Fred.

August 1, 2011
by Wednesday C.


TOBIN:      The Tickys’s favorite word is ‘ugsabugsa’.

SAM:     Ugsabugsa!

TOBIN:      Okaaaaaay, Sam.     Sooo, Tickys like the word ‘ugsabugsa’ because it’s a funny word like ‘ticky’ –

SAM:      Ugsabugsa!!!

TOBIN:      Sam, could you please stop.

SAM:      OK

TOBIN:     So, …the end.

SAM:     Ugsabugsa!!


May 18, 2011
by Hazel R. S.

Cinnamon Rolls scenting woods near Red Squirrel Bakery

Red Squirrel Bakery, a branch of the Heartwood Collective, is testing recipes and preparing labels for a line of baked goods to be offered soon at a few local farmer’s markets.  This is the first in a series of updates.

The flour has been flying this week in the Red Squirrel Bakery test kitchen!  We are hard at work on our whole grain cinnamon rolls, completing our 3rd test batch on Monday.  This batch is close to a keeper.  We are tweaking the recipe to create a roll rich in flavor, whole wheat, and with just the right twist.  These aren’t your ordinary cinnamon rolls.   That’s all we can say for now, but stay tuned as we reveal more clues.

May 16, 2011
by Wednesday C.
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(a story written by Ginger H., as told to W.C.)

Once upon a time there was a chipmunk who liked waffles.  Then, one morning, when he woke up he said, “I want a waffle with strawberry sauce and bacon.” So he got up out of his bed, grabbed a scarf and headed out of the door.  On his way to the waffle store he met a cat.  She was looking for waffles too.  So they went to look for waffles together.  They finally found the waffle store and took every single waffle in the store and ate them until they were fat.   THE END

May 13, 2011
by Wednesday C.

Chemistry Experiment #1

Fred Skunk set out to put the liquid from two of his already-cracked glow-sticks, into his test tubes.  He invited me, Wednesday C., and Hazel R. S. along to watch.

First, Fred put one spent glow-stick in the bench vise in the workshop.  Then he cut off the glow-stick top with a saw, and poured the orange liquid into a test tube.  Hazel shut the workshop door, so it was dark inside, and we all saw that the liquid didn’t start glowing again, in the air.  I thought it might; but I was wrong.

Fred repeated this process with the second glow-stick – which was green.  After pouring it into the second test-tube, and seeing that it also didn’t glow again, Fred decided to mix the two liquids in a third test-tube.

That didn’t glow either.

Fred decided to pour them out and clean the test-tubes, but when we poured them out into a paper cup filled with paper towel (so we could throw the solution away without pouring it down the drain), we spilled the liquid onto the outside of the test tubes, and on our hands.  We found out it was sticky and wouldn’t come off the test tubes.  We tried to wash it off, but it was weird, sticky, oily junk, and it wouldn’t wash off the plastic test tubes.

Luckily it come off our hands, but unfortunately, we had to throw away the plastic test tubes.

We learned we shouldn’t mix chemicals in plastic test tubes.

May 2, 2011
by Wednesday C.

Card Carrying Bluejay

A bluejay was spotted this evening leaving the Yard headed east with a paper card in its beak.  After stopping on the Fence, momentarily setting the paper in a tuck of wire and re-applying its hold on the card, the jay headed up into the Northeast Pine.

Another bluejay joined the jay a moment later.

Speculation at the Heartwood is favoring the “birthday card delivery” explanation, followed closely by “making a nest”.

Watch this space for any updates.