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Chemistry Experiment #1


Fred Skunk set out to put the liquid from two of his already-cracked glow-sticks, into his test tubes.  He invited me, Wednesday C., and Hazel R. S. along to watch.

First, Fred put one spent glow-stick in the bench vise in the workshop.  Then he cut off the glow-stick top with a saw, and poured the orange liquid into a test tube.  Hazel shut the workshop door, so it was dark inside, and we all saw that the liquid didn’t start glowing again, in the air.  I thought it might; but I was wrong.

Fred repeated this process with the second glow-stick – which was green.  After pouring it into the second test-tube, and seeing that it also didn’t glow again, Fred decided to mix the two liquids in a third test-tube.

That didn’t glow either.

Fred decided to pour them out and clean the test-tubes, but when we poured them out into a paper cup filled with paper towel (so we could throw the solution away without pouring it down the drain), we spilled the liquid onto the outside of the test tubes, and on our hands.  We found out it was sticky and wouldn’t come off the test tubes.  We tried to wash it off, but it was weird, sticky, oily junk, and it wouldn’t wash off the plastic test tubes.

Luckily it come off our hands, but unfortunately, we had to throw away the plastic test tubes.

We learned we shouldn’t mix chemicals in plastic test tubes.


  1. Good to know. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Oops! I ment SE, not SW!
    Oops! I ment SE, not SW!

    • sorry, i meant to post this under Card Carrying Bluejay, and I posted it twice because I was using a command line (using w3m), and an old version of Vi, so it was hard to use

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