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It’s okay…we can be proud of our demon hearts


On Saturday, Red Squirrel and Skunk had a craving for something chocolaty. Earlier that day, Red Squirrel made mynt syrippe by steeping fresh peppermint leaves in a simple sugar syrup. “What can we do with mynt syrippe?,” they wondered together. It wasn’t long before a forgotten bar of unsweetened chocolate was discovered in the baking cupboard and was being chopped and melted. They added mynt syrippe to the liquid chocolate, then took the leftover steeped peppermint leaves and pressed them into heart shaped molds. The melted chocolate was spooned on top. After a dusting of granulated sugar they rested in the refrigerator to firm. A not-too-sweet treat was created.

The chocolate, being on the forgotten side, was ready to bloom. “These aren’t the prettiest treats ever,” Red Squirrel said lovingly. “That’s okay,” said Skunk, “We can be proud of our demon hearts.”

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