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Lemony Chocolate Scones


On Wednesday, Red Squirrel and Skunk were at it again in the Heartwood kitchen. This time, it was a craving for lemon. “Lemon lavender bread?,” asked Red Squirrel? “Hmmm…,” skunk pondered. He took a lemon in hand and scratched at its surface and sniffed. Then Red Squirrel handed him a tube of never used lavender paste. He sniffed them separately, he sniffed them together. “Maybe the lavender is too strong. What about chocolate lemon bread?” he suggested. In the end, lemon chocolate scones won the debate.

The scent of lemon and browned pastry wafted from the oven. When just barely cool enough, Skunk sampled a scone. “It tastes like lemon! It tastes like a lemon cookie!” he exclaimed.

Their recipe is an adaptation of Stella Parks’ posted in Serious Eats: https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2017/02/bakery-style-cream-scones-with-chocolate-recipe.html

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