Can Yahoo deliciously aggregate my tagged hipster comic bookmarks?

Now that Yahoo has purchased, I find myself wondering what they will do with it. I keep waiting for Yahoo to show something interesting. The Yahoo 360 thing appears to be a bad implementation of a social network, and if that is what they do with a neat idea – a year or more after the idea is popularized – then… I guess I hope they just leave Flickr and alone so they don’t break them.

I do think My Yahoo is half decent, though this is probably because they have some decent content to add to it, such as local movies, weather and comics – though not many hipster comics

the Google home page type thing – – is kinda cool in that it is an rss aggregated, integrated into a launch pad for search and gmail. Even this is starting to clutter up the scene, but at least they are introducing an aggregated at the right place in my web surfing experience.

Improving customer purchase decisions to include greater influence from the cutomer’s expressed values

I have an idea about a system that allows a person to express their values into a model, and then gathers product and availability information to propose optimized shopping excursions. I just wrote the following tiny bit after reading an article in Fast Company about things Wal-Mart could do to change its image (10 Steps to Turn Around Wal-mart). The comments on the article were very interesting as they quickly highlighted the standard dimensions that exist around the issue.

Executive summary of this idea:
“Free markets are responsive to consumer purchase decisions, but there is a ocean of information that needs to be considered every time a consumer heads to the grocery store, and weighing that ocean of information against the consumer’s own values and making optimized purchasing decisions is an insurmountable complexity. This proposal describes a system that takes the chore of collecting the ocean of information, then interpreting it through the lens of the consumer’s values, to support everyday consumer decision making.”

more to come on this topic…

Jon Cooney’s art on eBay

My brother Jon has put a piece of his art up on eBay. I’m curious as to how The Seeds of Flame will fair.

I sold a really unique piece of furniture on eBay once, and it really didn’t generate much bidding, despite it having appeared on Boing Boing!

I wonder if the art world needs to first have generated a buzz about an artist, and once that has emerged then the artist is free to use various channels – including eBay – to surface the material for purchase.

Or, maybe there is a sufficient amount of intuitive folks with money who purchase new artworks on a good hunch. Much stranger things have happened.