Lord Dick DeVos

An interesting article in the Nation, back in Sept/Oct, titled, Blackwater Down. It’s about the unwise privatization of security forces, such as the mercenaries that had armed troops in New Orleans after Katrina – specifically the Blackwater USA group, and its socially conservative founders, including billionaire Erik Prince. It includes this paragraph that mentions our […]

the coaxed emergence of the Internet of Things

interesting read over at WorldChanging. RFID Viruses: A WC Perspective If your refrigerator is on the Internet, somebody’s going to try to write a virus for it. And I’m in the middle of enjoying Bruce Sterling’s perspective-inducing speech at South by Southwest. (and last night I read the speech he gave at the O’Reilly Emerging […]

Farewell Faz

Ah, I’m so sad to learn that Faz has passed away. What a fantastic man. I’ll always remember his kindness, kind words, enthusiasm and attention. He magically showed up at my bachelor party, hanging out in my backyard for a couple minutes, and giving blessings to my wedding. I am thankful for him, and I […]