Lord Dick DeVos

An interesting article in the Nation, back in Sept/Oct, titled, Blackwater Down. It’s about the unwise privatization of security forces, such as the mercenaries that had armed troops in New Orleans after Katrina – specifically the Blackwater USA group, and its socially conservative founders, including billionaire Erik Prince. It includes this paragraph that mentions our new GOP candidate for Michigan, Dick DeVos.

Prince, a staunch right-wing Christian, comes from a powerful Michigan Republican family, and his father, Edgar, was a close friend of former Republican presidential candidate and antichoice leader Gary Bauer. In 1988 the elder Prince helped Bauer start the Family Research Council. Erik Prince’s sister, Betsy, once chaired the Michigan Republican Party and is married to Dick DeVos, whose father, billionaire Richard DeVos, is co-founder of the major Republican benefactor Amway. Dick DeVos is also a big-time contributor to the Republican Party and will likely be the GOP candidate for Michigan governor in 2006.

Dick DeVos must be so very in-bed with our current federal administration. Go Aristocracy, Go!

Will the people vote this guy in, like they did George W.? Will the people stop listening to the words of the politicians and find a way to evaluate the actions of politicians? Stay tuned…

the coaxed emergence of the Internet of Things

interesting read over at WorldChanging. RFID Viruses: A WC Perspective

If your refrigerator is on the Internet, somebody’s going to try to write a virus for it.

And I’m in the middle of enjoying Bruce Sterling’s perspective-inducing speech at South by Southwest.

(and last night I read the speech he gave at the O’Reilly Emerging Technologies conference)

my head is buzzing… “become the change we want to see”…”make no decision out of fear” “the decline does not hold indefinitely” “a regional novel about the planet earth.”

the magical flavor of energy drinks

I don’t want you to come away from this blog without some entertainment, so here’s a section from Mark Morford’s recent editorial, Tab Energy Drink Kills You Dead:

Caffeine, of course, is key. It is our favorite drug, meth for the masses. A basic can of Coke has about 45 mg of the world’s most beloved drug. A good cup of strong coffee has about 80 milligrams. The average sickly sweet, fizzy energy drink, from Tab Energy to Monster to Liquid Ice to Rockstar, has anywhere from 100 to 200. And they all taste like some nasty Frankenstein inbreed of liquefied Skittles, road chalk and the blood of dead moths.

… the blood of dead moths, folks.