I was a guest on Design Critique

I had the pleasure of being on Design Critique, a podcast with Tim Keirnan and Tom Brinck in which they – and sometimes a guest – critique usability and design of a product or service, with an eye to highlighting elements that have to do with delivering a good customer experience.

We talked about recommender systems (such as: Amazon, Netflix and Last.fm), and the first of 2 parts is now online.

Coin Relay: new phrases I’ve heard

Here are two words and a phrase that I’ve recently heard, which are contenders to enter my lexicon:

  • “string”, a replacement for the general term “word”, which is used as a positive indicator in a conversation, or as a greeting, as in “string up?”. Where string is a data type that is more encompassing than word.
    The original form had a bling modifier: “$tring”. [from Chris Duhl at Pfizer]
  • “straw fire”, as in, “Playing music with those folks was very exciting, but it was just a straw fire, I haven’t played any guitar since then.” Meaning that it was a short lived, powerful event, that doesn’t have much staying power, or fuel for continuing the activity. [from Daniel Noël at Lenny and Nan’s house]
  • “ttyt”, for “Talk to you then” when you’ve scheduled a time to meet with someone, and need a quick way of closing the interaction through chat or email. [from Emory Emrich at Pfizer]