from “Investigating Value-based Decision Bias and Mediation: Do You Do As You Think?

by Dianne J. Hall and David Paradice

The ability to see the big picture is often marred by the strengths of one’s individual values, particularly as they relate to the problem at hand. Because individual values are deep-seated, they often form the basis for decision bias – that is, the inability to expand the lens through which one observes the world. This myopia leads to inefficiencies in information collection and assessment.

In this study, the DSS debiasing component forced participants to articulate both good and bad points of a given problem or alternative, thus forcing consideration of at least two perspectives.

This research suggests it is possible, through a system component such as that developed here, to change the behavior of decision makers at least for a specific decision domain. Supporting a decision maker’s consideration of multiple perspectives will, at least temporarily, broaden their perspective base and will result in that individual considering a greater number of perspectives during that decision task.

reputation aggrigator, where art thou?

I just spotted a draft in my list of posts from about a year ago that I forgot to publish. Here is the piece that was semi-finished:

MOCHI meeting was this evening. I walked away with many ideas – amongst them a curiosity of how a reputation aggregator would work. Something that pulled into one place all online indications of my past participation and reputableness. These would include my eBay stats, Amazon reviewer ranking (if I had one), Slashdot karma points, the number of songs I’d listened to on, the keywords and # of posts I’d made on, the number of hours I’ve been running SETI@home… anything that was evidence of how I participate in a group and I am judged.

so, does anyone know of such a thing?

Classic Cup Cafe

Classic Cup Cafe
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I went to Classic Cup Cafe one morning this spring. I had a pecan … pancake, maybe? I recall it was good, but a little too sweet. I had been at A2 Auto Glass getting my windshield replaced, and there was going to be a wait, so they suggested I head to this cafe. The A2 Auto Glass owner, Jim Balcom, gave me a ride. Excellent service – my new windshield makes me happy.

And, Classic Cup Cafe has wireless!