“Live more gooder!”

Nice brief article in the Guardian by George Marshall on changing “save the planet” to something more effective, that carries a message of positive growth and change. He presents the new message as a testimony:

“I have embraced a lighter lifestyle because it is the smart, cool, intelligent and healthy way to live. I want to live in the present and the real world, not be tied to an outdated and dangerous 20th-century way of living. I live this way because I love it, because it makes me feel good and because it is healthy and gives me freedom.

“I feel that I am setting the pace for the 21st century and I am excited to see people all around me trying to catch up. If we all work together we can build a world that is cleaner, fairer and happier and that is what I want to leave my children.”


computer actions rippling the sea, upon every word

Interesting article on “quants” in trading.

“Linked with high-frequency trading is the developing science of event processing, in which the computer reads, interprets, and acts upon the news. A trade in response to an FDA announcement, for example, could be made in milliseconds. Capitalizing on this trend, Reuters recently introduced a service called Reuters NewsScope Archive, which tags Reuters-issued articles with digital IDs so that an article can be downloaded, analyzed for useful information, and acted upon almost instantly.”

I’m struck by the imagery of (if not already, then sometime very soon) the words in a speech being semantically indexed from a live broadcast, and each word effecting the markets. Stunning.

Also, how the different analysts are using computers to comb through all this data, looking for any discrepancies and capitalizing on that, but then I imagine the size of those discrepancies must be reduced by all the scrutinizing activity, and that the pattern hunters must now be analyzing and acting on a sea of behaviors from all the other pattern hunters.