House cat detaches barnacle, ends era.

When our cat wakes up in the middle of the night and starts meowing incessantly to tell us that she thinks it’s time she was fed, we’ve started putting her in our office/spare room.  She then proceeds to meow and scratch at the door, but we get better sleep this way.  However, on the inside of the door she’s scratching on were a bunch of posters, postcards, notes, clipped comics, etc. and those she has torn down to the floor in pieces, over the past week.  Amongst the postcards of last night’s scratchings was one for my brother Jon‘s Okum & Cooney Custom Interior Painting company; an old signal in the universe, held as a backward glimpse foreshadowing?  Now torn down, I’ll let this barnacle from a bygone era detach and float destroys barnacle

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