Playing on Codecademy

My son & I recently got rolling on Codecademy, him learning (and me revisiting) HTML & CSS, then we’ll move into JavaScript.  It’s fun to learn this with him!

I recommend this to you if you’ve been wanting to learn programming basics, or how to make a webpage, but I also strongly recommend it for your children, if you have any.  The courses progress really quickly, so there is a great sense of movement & learning.

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 10.19.40 AM


fragmented online info

When I was younger I played D&D.  I think 1st edition AD&D is officially what it was, when everything came out in hardcover in 1976 (though I think I started playing in 1978).  TSR had some excellent character sheets, each for a different role, which helped keep everything in order.

I’m thinking something like these character sheets would be helpful for keeping our online worlds in order…a place to store our personal information

Neighborhood Nooks

I like hearing about the lending libraries people are putting up around town.   I need fruit standto learn more about them.

I keep thinking there are all kinds of things that we could put next to sidewalks that would enrich our neighborhoods.  I’ve been drawing bits of things to make & put along the side walk, as places….

  • to stop and rest at
  • that hold things for sale
  • that surface local information (local events, ripe fruit, animal counts, etc.)

I keep calling these Neighborhood Nooks for some reason, and have been thinking about how they could surface the character of a neighborhood. branches for woven roofbench jointsbenchPost