Fixing the dreaded Omnigraffle “move, undo, line disconnection” madness

This has happened to me many times in Omnigraffle.  It doesn’t always happen, so I’m not exactly sure what the cause is.

Scenario:  I have a big diagram (e.g. a sitemap or a flowchart), and I select a bunch of boxes and move them. All is well; the boxes move with the lines. But then I wish to undo this move, so I “Undo”. All the boxes move, but unfortunately the lines do not move! Horrors! I don’t want to manually reposition the lines back to where they should be attached! That could take huge amount of time! (There were well over 300 lines screwed up last time this happened to me.)

Here’s how you easily get the lines to go back to where you originally had them connected.

  • Select All (press apple symbol + “A”, or choose select all from the Edit menu),
  • Click an arrow button on your keyboard, and all the lines will snap back to their objects.
  • Click the opposite arrow on your keyboard to move everything back to the original position.

There, your diagram is back to whatever shape you originally had.

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