ArbCamp 2008

ArbCamp 2008 is approaching at the speed of time. The topic “Publishing” is broadly framing this year’s event.

ArbCamp is an annual un-conference (BarCamp) of, for, and by folks who want to “build communities worth having” both online and off. Everybody who attends will collectively set the agenda for the conference, with food, meeting spaces, and a basic schedule provided.

Bring your friends.

When: October 18-19. 9AM – 5PM both days.

Where: Morris Lawrence Building at Washtenaw Community College 4700 East Huron River Drive Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105 for more dirt.

It’s bitter cold out tonight – 6 °F / -14 °C at the moment – and I was just reading a World Changing article on climate change and I got to thinking about the crunch of my shoes on the snow outside. Today it was a particular loud creaking and crunching, as the snow refused to melt under the pressure of my feet and each shift in weight drew a percussive series of strain releases from the compact snow. So, how probable is it that it won’t get quite this cold here in Michigan in the near future? I don’t know the answer, but contemplating this reminded me to appreciate the unique qualities of each day. I love that crunching creak of walking in the bitter cold snow. It is a deep childhood memory for me, and as unpleasant as the cutting breeze can be, I feel grateful, awake and engaged trudging through winter here in Michigan.