Cleaning out the office, and the many voices of reality

An old paper from a Gender & Philosophy class I took at EMU, dated April 23rd 1997, is going to the recycling:  “On Removing Gender Labels from Ways of Knowing, and Listening to the Many Voices of Reality”  It talked about gender labels, such as, The tendency…, to identify the types of thoughts and behaviors […]

“World view” scale becoming “Story” topic?

I was looking at the sketches from a post about a location-based contextual framework, and got thinking that the “world view” scale – which was intended to represent “inside you; the framework you have” might be better served if it was renamed “story telling” or “stories” and put alongside the topics that span all the […]


Is no economic growth coming? Related VideosRecent decent explanation: Unpredictability of complex systems & concern about the fragility of the current situation and the intensity of possible breakdown: Era of growth is ending: some other way of organizing economic activity is going to be required, and soon. Chomsky on the economy: […]