Beard shields

A couple weeks ago on Twitter, the mighty Vaguery sayeth: “@mcburton Alas, the unsuspecting coder at the edge of the pack doesn’t realize a Business Development Consultant is lurking in the corner…”

To which there was the reply from the wily mcburton: “@Vaguery my beard will protect me”

That prompted me to remember a conversation that came up at a party while talking to a bearded fellow about how our beards may relegate us to a certain class in society.

On Twitter/Facebook, I asked: How many political or business leaders do you know of that have beards?

1st reply: libbyh : @dcooney bill richardson and al gore sported beards. abe lincoln, of course 😉

From the photos I looked up, I think Al looks fine with the beard. 

Replied: @libbyh those are good ones. There are a few academic + business types, such as John Seely Brown or Vint Cerf, but they don’t really count.

billmerrill @dcooney don’t forget @homelessdave 😉

shadow power 

the sweet chemical burn of Coke

I just drank a little 7.5oz Coke after having a tuna fish sandwich, celery, carrots and chips.  The sensation and tastes took me back to Stoney Point in Canada, and being at my grandparent’s cottage.  I think the memory is also helped along by me having just played outside with my kids, and it’s afternoon on a cool sunny weekend day.  AND, my wife Wendy brought this sandwich to me, which is how things were when I was a kid.  My time at Stoney Point was quite wonderful.