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Jan 31, 2017

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Personal Server

Jan 30, 2016

I recently made a small web server with a Raspberry Pi that I configured to be accessible even without network access. I plan to add more Pi's to make it into a cluster, and be able to carry around a portable development supercomputer. I could attach it to my laptop, or make it into a lunchbox-style computer by adding a monitor and keyboard to the cluster.

I had been using a console cable, but it was slow and not very dependable, so I configured it to be accessible through Ethernet without an internet connection (I wrote this on how I did it, if you are interested). Since then I have been making my own personal "mini internet" with my own code as well as sites and articles I use frequently, so that I can access them without an internet connection. I plan to install a network in the Tahnyu tree, and we can use it to store things we use often.